Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lately, I've been listening to some great podcasts.

I hope you learn lots and enjoy some of the podcasts I found. If you have other suggestions for school-appropriate podcasts, please add them in the comments or talk to Mr. Moore.

Special Warning for Lobos Lab Students: 
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~ Mr. Moore

Some podcasts for your learning and enjoyment…      

Name & Link
Great for students who...
...enjoy science.
...enjoy stories.
...might want to make their own podcast.
...want to hear great short stories written by kids.
...are into astronomy.
...love music!
...want to see podcasting for kids by kids.
...enjoy cultures and traveling.
...want to hear more about kids in the digital world.
...enjoy mysteries.
...like learning how things work.
...enjoy big ideas.
Voice of Montbello...Love McGlone and/or kids who think.
Have a suggestion? Comment on this blog page!

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