Monday, May 1, 2017

WeVideo | SoundTrap | Google Slides: App Smash!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, you get to attempt the WeVideo AppSmash Challenge! 

As you can see, the directions ask you to create a video. As always, this video will need to be shared on your portfolio, with your written reflection and links to the tools you used.

The requirements on the list are minimum requirements.

Definite bonus points for anyone who smashes additional apps into the project. Canva, Google Drawings, Explain Everything (Mad bonus points for that one!) and any of the art choices or music choices could be great fits for this project. Here's a bit of help for you...

1. Save a Google Slide as a .png image you can use for any project that requires great custom images. (File --> Download As --> .PNG) Name it so you know what it is, and make sure it's shared correctly in Drive so others can see it!

2. Save SoundTrap files as .mp3s. (Click Save. Once it is saved, click download. An .mp3 will be downloaded to your drive, which is perfect for uploading into WeVideo.)

3. Learn how to import images and other media into WeVideo.
(Click Green Cloud with the upload arrow --> Click Google Drive icon, choose your media.)

~ Mr. Moore

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