Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Special Job! Core Value Icons


A draft list of McGlone Core Value words have been chosen based on the votes from parents, teachers, and YOU. Now it is time to create a visual that goes with each word.

These images will be in classrooms and around our school to help all McGlone Learners remember to be their best self (teachers, kids ECE-7th grade, parents, visitors).

McGlone DRAFT Core Values:

Honesty   Wonder   Leadership   Empathy   Respect   Perseverance 

1. Use any tool to create a logo / emblem / icon for each word. (Use to research it!)

2. Save it as a .png and name it with graduation year - your username - and the word. Example: 2027 jraleigh Honesty

3. Add it to this folder and make sure it is shared correctly - "Anyone with the link can view"

You might like the following tools:


Google Drawings


Handmade drawing (take a photo and share it in the folder)

The Noun Project



Happy Creating!

-Ms. Raleigh, Mr. Moore, Mr. Sharpe

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