Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Google Earth on Chromebooks!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Fourth and fifth grade students - today, you have two assignments that need to be complete before you can move on to choices. They are the Soundtrap screencast and the Explain Everything Video. They both need to be on your portfolio, shared correctly, with writing telling me what you learned and a link so visitors can try the tool themselves.

Third grade students, you just need the Soundtrap Screencast, but you should definitely try the Explain Everything job as well. Your Soundtrap screencast needs to be on your portfolio, shared correctly, with writing and a link.

Once your name is on the list for being finished with the work above, you've got some great choices.

1. Check the choices page on the blog for something you haven't tried before.

2. Google Earth is now available on Chromebooks!

3. We have lots of building, moving, re-arranging, and lab design work to do. Talk to Mr. Moore or Ms. Raleigh if you'd like to help!

~ Mr. Moore

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