Monday, March 13, 2017

Portfolios and Grades

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here is the post that will give you everything you need to get a grade in Technology for this trimester.

Step 1: Find a partner, and then use this link to make a copy of the Portfolio Grading Checklist. Click the Blue Button to make the copy.

Step 2: Title the Portfolio Grading Checklist by replacing the words "Copy of" with your high school graduation year, first name, and last initial.

ex: 2024 Chris M Portfolio Grading Checklist

Step 3: Add your name in the "Owner of the Portfolio" space on the checklist. 

Step 4: Click "Share" on your document. Make sure that the document is shared so that the public can only view it. Add your partner's name in the box near the bottom, and give them edit access.

Step 5: Open a new tab. Go your new portfolio. On the Welcome page, insert your grading checklist. Click Publish.

Step 6: Open a new tab. Go to your Google Drive. Find your partner's checklist in your Drive in the "Shared with Me" section. Make sure it has your partner's name! Open the document. Then, close every tab except the blog and your partner's document.

Step 7: On your partner's checklist, add your name in the blank for "Evaluator." Fill in your partner's Checklist with your feedback. Highlight in Yellow all things that need some more work, and underline the things that are great! Make sure to add your notes about how the student can improve, or what they did really well.

Step 8: Once you're finished providing feedback to your partner for every page of their portfolio (all the way down to Gym), begin working on your own portfolio, using the feedback from your partner as a guide.

If this is your second class this week, You should go to your drive, look in the "Shared with Me" section, and find your partner's Portfolio Grading Checklist, and finish their feedback. Once you finish their feedback, please go ahead and work on your own portfolio.

~ Mr. Moore

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