Thursday, March 16, 2017

Portfolio Help!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Portfolio grading begins this weekend! You have just a couple of days left to get your portfolio in tip-top shape!

Here are the directions: 

Step 1: Find your partner's Portfolio Grading Checklist in the "Shared with Me" section of your Google Drive.

Step 2: Open your partner's portfolio using the link on the Portfolios Page of this blog.

Step 3: Finish providing feedback. Make sure to do every page, all the way down to Gym. Underline the things that are great, Highlight the things that need some extra love, and make sure to add suggestions for improvement in the Notes Section of the Portfolio Grading Checklist. If you need help finding ideas to suggest, use the example portfolio.

Step 4: Use the feedback from your partner (now found on the homepage of your own portfolio) and the example portfolio from step 3 above to improve your own portfolio.

Thanks for your hard work!

~Mr. Moore

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