Monday, March 6, 2017

3 New Assistant Principals?!

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

On Wednesday, there will be five people in our building who will be here to interview for a position as an Assistant Principal at McGlone Academy!

This means that combined with the two Assistant Principals we already have, we will have a total of five! Our current Assistant Principals aren't going anywhere, we are simply adding three more. :)

We'd love to have you help us interview the five candidates. We'd also love your help thinking of the best interview questions.

The first question asks for the most important quality for a leader at McGlone, and you might consider qualities like the following...

Kind | Honest | Responsible | Caring | Fun | Respectful | Trustworthy | ?...

The second question asks for your question. This is the question you would like to ask a person who wants the job. (The candidate) Please try to phrase your question in a way that helps the person to tell a story.

Instead of...
"Are you kind?"

"Can you please tell us about a time when you were kind to a student?"

The final question asks wether or not you'd like to be part of the actual interview team. We will have room for about 20 students to help interview the candidates. You can just choose "yes" if you'd like to help. We will choose the 20 kids based on the quality of their questions. It's ok to check "no," but make sure you still contribute a question!

Once you've finished the form, please work on your portfolio.

If you have your Math AND Technology pages finished, please show Mr. Moore, and then feel free to make a choice from the blog.

Remember, a finished portfolio entry has:

Writing: Your writing about what you are learning. Write about your strengths and next steps. Write about what you are learning and why it is important or interesting.

Evidence: This might be something you've inserted from your Google Drive, it might be a screenshot, or it could even be a screencast. It is a visual representation of your work.

A Link: A link to the main page - not to your work - just to the home page of the tool you used. This is so others can try the tool.

I'm super excited to share some of your work. This weekend, I'll be sharing your art and music pages in California, so let me know if you have (or see!) any really great examples specifically for music or art. One quick thing you can do to help your music page is insert your Goal Document, like this!

~Mr. Moore

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