Monday, January 30, 2017

Lensoo Create

Ladies and Gentlemen,

1. Your first job is to use Lensoo Create to create and share your opinions using a few simple questions as a guide.

The 4 questions are:

A.  What questions do you have for Mr. Sharpe, Mrs. Goodall, and Mr. Cifuentes about the middle school, the new construction, the tech lab redesign? Just so you know - we are going to try and interview them (or maybe have students interview them!) using your questions - and then we can use that footage in our video project!

B. What have been the best parts of using technology in the lab or in your classrooms this year?

C. How can we work to improve tech class?

D. What are you most excited for as you think about all of the changes? (What kinds of things will we start learning about? How do you feel about flexible seating and new interesting furniture? What do you think it will be like next year when our classroom is the entire re-designed library?)

The tool choice is:

We will use Lensoo Create. It's a Chrome App.

To turn in your work from Lensoo Create, you'll publish your work on the Lensoo Create website, and then you can go to your Lensoo Create Dashboard to download your file into Google Drive. Finally, you'll add your renamed work to the folder below. I've made a video to show this process. It's not great, but I hope it is helpful.

Please add your work to this folder. Make sure to title your work using our naming convention:
2025ChrisM = graduation year, first name, last initial

~ Mr. Moore

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