Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Badging Instructions

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here is everything you need to begin badging! Please do not work ahead.

Step 1: Make sure your portfolio (sites.google.com/new) has the correct pages built, including the Badging page. 

Step 2: Go to classroom.google.com and join the McGlone Badging class using the code Mr. Moore gives you in class. 

Step 3: Use the following screencasts to help you with each of the following steps...

* How to: Get your badge sheetClick Here
     Title the sheet. Correct Example - 2026 Chris M
     Change your name. Correct example - Chris
     On the Badge Claim Tab, add a badge code from the teacher.
     Add today's date.
     Add a link to your evidence. (Share --> Shareable link --> copy/paste)
     View the Display Case tab.
     View the Badge Directory to find new badges to earn.
     From your portfolio, insert the sheet onto your Badges page. Drag down the bottom of the sheet so you can see the badge and evidence link.

* How to: Check for new badgesClick Here

* How to: Display your badgesClick Here

How to: Publish your display case - Click Here

* Leaderboard coming soon!

~ Mr. Sharpe, Mr. Moore, and Ms. Raleigh

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