Monday, December 12, 2016

Almost There!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We're almost to the break! If your portfolio is ready to go, you might be looking for the link to Lightbot. I'm giving away some cool stickers to any students who pass level 3-6!

If your portfolio isn't quite ready, here's what you need:

Your portfolio must have pages for the following:
Learner Profile, Journal, Badges, Literacy, Math, Music, Science, Gym, Art, and Technology

You'll create it using the new and improved Google Sites. If you'd like some help, here is one good tutorial I found. If you find more, please share with the class!

Once you've learned how to publish your site, please fill in this form. Make sure you have copied your published portfolio link before you begin the form! The teachers will know you are done when we can no longer see the questions on the form.

We can't wait to see what you create! Below, we'll add examples of what kids have just started creating.

Example 1: Great job on some of the page images - very thoughtful. :)
Example 2: Nice job with the theme and navigation!

~ Mr. Moore and Ms. Raleigh

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