Friday, October 14, 2016

The Pitch...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today you begin an important job for our own custom Lab.

The job is called a "pitch." Your team's pitch will be a slideshow combined with a screencast. It is designed to help you sell your idea for the lab. The best pitches will be seriously considered when it comes time to actually design, engineer, and create the lab.

Your pitch will be for only one section of the lab. You can pick any section listed below, or get approval from a teacher and create your own idea for a space. Ideas for the sections of the lab might include:

Science | Video Games for Learning | Engineering | Art | Music | Math | Video | Robotics | Podcasting | MakerSpace | 3D Printing | Library | DIY | Virtual Reality | Lego | Drones and drone racing | Stop Motion Animation

You pitch must include:
  • A slideshow that shows what your space will look like and why it is important
  • A shopping list that includes the name of each item, the quantity of each item, the price of each item including shipping, and a link we can click to go and buy the items. Use a Google Doc with a table or a Google sheet
The best pitches will include all of the following...
  • Map / Floor plan / Diagram: try Planner 5DFloorplannerSketchUp, or SketchUp on YouTube
  • Picture of the current space and artist's drawing (digital or hand-drawn) of your idea
  • Shared photo album or folder with images and links about other spaces and design inspiration
  • Data from surveys (Google Forms?) where you've asked kids what they'd like in the space
Here are some other fun things to take a peek at...

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