Monday, August 29, 2016

An Avatar...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In order to prepare for your new portfolio and get ready to participate in the badging system, you'll need an avatar. An avatar is a picture that represents you.

Make sure your avatar is school appropriate. If you come across something that is not school appropriate, please let Mr. Moore know. We will talk more about this in class.

Use your time wisely. You want to get this done and move on to the next step. The avatar is just a small step towards getting your portfolio and badging system!


1. Here is a list of great tools you can use to create your avatar. Click the link, then click the button that says "Make a Copy." This means that you'll have it in your own Google Drive to keep! Next time you want the list, look for it in your Google Drive!

2. Use the tool/resource/website to create an avatar.

3. Screenshot the avatar. To do this, hold ctrl + shft and then press the screenshot button. (See the image?)

4. Insert your screenshot onto a Google Drawing.

5. Shrink the canvas size to match the image. Name and save your work. I'd use the word "avatar" in the name.

6. Make a folder in your Google Drive, and name it "Avatars." Add your Google drawings and the resource list linked above to the folder.

If you need help, please let me know. You might find some help by looking at this document. As students submit screencasts, I'll add them here.

~ Mr. Moore

Here is a slideshow the sixth graders made to share some examples...

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