Thursday, May 5, 2016

Vector Art, Music, and the Art Show...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm writing this post to help make sure you get a few specific things accomplished. Please read this post carefully and we will make sure to finish the year strong!

1. Finish your portfolio. Get it turned in. Use this form.

2. Turn in your art and music for the art show! Here's the Form! Need help? Keep reading!

Links and Help:

Google Drawings | Vector Art Tutorial

SoundTrap | SoundTrap Tutorials

Tutorial: Turn in your art work or music for the Art Show with a shareable link!

3. Enjoy working on your choice from the blog... Especially if you are working on the vector art with Google Drawings or some incredible music with SoundTrap.

PS - I'm really looking for portfolios with SoundTrap screencasts or any amazing artwork (or artwork screencasts!) If you have that, or if you know who does, please use the portfolio shout-out form!

I can't wait to share your art and music! I've been sharing the vector art on Instagram and lots of people are loving your work! You can see many of the vector art images right up at the top of the blog! If you've got SoundTrap screencasts on your portfolio, let me know, and I'll add the link to your page right here on the blog!

The first student to share a SoundTrap Screencast on their portfolio is (Your Name and Link Here!)

~ Mr. Moore

Oh. And this - if you're looking for more drawing inspiration, a friend made this video with a different line tool, and he covers lots of great tips and tricks! He has a different workflow that you might like better. He also uses a color picker chrome extension. I've added ColorZilla to your Chrome accounts.

The student work is the best, but here's some of mine...

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