Tuesday, May 17, 2016

So Close!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We've almost made it. Let's get you to some great choices. We will go through your home pages as quickly as we can. If they're all done, you can have your choices from the blog. In this post, I'd like to share some ways to spice up your portfolio site.

IMPORTANT: We still need lots of students to submit their Art and Music for the Art Show! Please submit a link to your Google Drive file (shared: publicly, view only) here.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Mr. Barnett has created a video you should watch.

And now for your pleasure, some great ways to make your Portfolio website stand out...

1. Learn to make amazing slideshows.

2. Insert slideshows (Google Presentations) on your portfolio and set them to start and repeat automatically. Learn to use animations and transitions. Maybe try using slideshows in a new way. Here's a Google Sites Tutorial that is made in Google Presentations. It also uses some great GIF files. You can make these (not quite as cool) using the Chrome extension Snagit. It's already on your Chromebook if you're a student here at McGlone. If you're making GIFs, you need to keep your recordings super short - about 20 seconds maximum.

3. Add audio (sound) to your work with Screencastify. Just record a screencast with your voice of your presentation. Then, instead of inserting a slideshow, you'll insert a video from your Google Drive.

Thanks for your hard work...
Mr. Moore

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