Monday, May 9, 2016

Almost There...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The rest of this year is going to slide by too quickly!  Let's make sure we finish strong! I recommend that you do a portfolio review with a neighbor today - just to make sure that you've got everything shared correctly on your portfolio.

Before you know it, I'll be out and about sharing your work this summer! Please help me out by turning in your complete portfolio here! Shout-out the best portfolio work, and I'll make sure to share it with the world! To see the shout-outs, or to write one, go to this page, and then scroll down.

If you'd like to submit your digital art for the Art Show, or if you'd like to submit some music you've created, we'd love to include it! We need lots of students to submit their work! Please submit a link to your Google Drive file (shared: publicly, view only) here.

Finally, 5th grade students.... I need some students to help with the Continuation Slide Show! If you're interested, fill in this form. The team will be finalized Wednesday after school, giving each student at least one class period to read this post and fill in the form.  We will begin work on Thursday. We will work for one week, so team members will each have two class periods to finish the job.

You can see in the post below that I made a slide deck to hold my vector art. Here is a great video to show you some great ways to make your slides amazing! If you're really into it, check out this great animation - all made in Google Slides. Want to learn? click me. If you're looking for a really great way to use Google slides, check out this great Google Sites Tutorial made using Google Slides.

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  1. Hi Mr. Moore this is Jayce. I heard that in East Mrs. Chavez and another person has taken over 5th grade. I've been wondering what you and Mrs. VanderVelde are doing now.