Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Today's Recipe for Success...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here's the recipe for success...

1. Work on something new - or make huge progress on a previous goal.

2. Collect evidence - screenshot, screencast, link, image, Doc, Presentation, Powtoon, photograph, etc.

3. Add the evidence to the most correct page on your portfolio. Make sure that you have correctly shared the evidence.

4. Add a link to the tool or resource you used. Make it easy for your visitors to try the cool things they see you doing!

5. Write about the learning you did. Get specific. The phrase "Today I learned..." should definitely be part of what we read on your portfolio! Use the sentence starters on the wall in the lab to help.

6. Comment on the great work of another student. Use the Portfolios Page and go find some great work. Then use the Guest Book to comment and share your ideas.

To be as clear as possible:

Our goal, every single day, is that you learn something - and prove it - on your portfolio, by sharing evidence and writing about what you learned. Also, that you help each other do the same by commenting respectfully on each other's work.

Your work is "Public on the Web."  Each of us has a part in the pack. Show them what you've got, Lobos!

Feed the good wolf, 
~ Mr. Moore

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