Monday, March 14, 2016

Some Fun Work...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I really pushed on portfolios for the last couple of weeks, so I'm going to let up and give you some cool suggestions. They'll be fun, but of course, they'll be challenging.

Here's what I might be working on if I was a student in this lab:

1. Combining screen casting with some great maps/streetview/geo tools kinds of things. I'd try to give a tour of some amazing place. Especially a place I can not yet afford to go in real life! Here's the map I share with teachers. It has tons of great tools to try out related to maps. Each pin on the map contains a cool site, tool or activity to check out. Soon, I'll be looking for students with experience creating virtual reality tours to help me make a tour of our school! Try Google Tour Builder! (Some great examples are here, and a tutorial is here)

You might also really like the Google Cultural Institute.

Or maybe you'll find the most interesting things with Google Streetview.  Regardless, make a screen cast or take some screenshots along the way. Build a tour of your family history. Or check out the setting(s) of a great book. A virtual field trip is just around the corner.

Some Streetview suggestions:
Carlsbad Caverns
Great Barrier Reef

2. 3D Printing. You can combine Google Drawings and Tinkercad  (remember - click: Sign In --->More Providers --->Google) for some amazing results! I'm trying to find student-created things to print, but you need to make something with a purpose. Make something that represents McGlone, or make something that people can actually use. Here's a great video if you're interested. (Not made by me - and, by the way, I'm still waiting for a student to make a tutorial that can replace one of our tutorials!) Soon, I'll be looking for a student to run a 3D Printing program for selecting and printing McGlone swag. Little things we can print quickly and sell or give away to important visitors...

3. Try one of the digital Breakout activities. Please keep your great work on these to yourself. They are challenging. That's what makes them fun. If you figure out a clue, please keep it to yourself so that others can enjoy the same challenge (and the rewarding feeling they get when they figure it out!) on their own. Soon, I'll be looking for students who can create their own games, or be Beta Testers for the games students create. Who will be the first to create a Digital Breakout game?

4. Check out some of the things you never click on here on the blog. Have you ever clicked on some of our Favorite Blogs over on the right? Or have you ever tried some of the search engines (there's more than just Google!) on the bottom of our Symbaloo Page?

As you can see, there are plenty of great things to work on. Push your thinking. Try something new. Or go back to an older goal. Go increase your typing or coding skills. Start working on a Google Presentation so you can unlock the 3d pen. Who knows. The world is yours. Enjoy!

~ Mr. Moore

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