Monday, March 21, 2016

Portfolio Pages!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here we go. It's your last chance to make your portfolio shine before spring break! Show me what you can do! Fill in the sentences and write about each piece of proof. Make sure everything is shared correctly! Add a link to the tool you used. Make sure your last name, your face, and the word "untitled" do not appear anywhere on your site!

Here are some quick suggestions for content/tools based on which portfolio pages you're trying to work on.

Literacy: DuoLingo - Show us how you are improving your literacy in a second language!

Reading: Make a MyMap that shares information about a book you're reading. Fill in the sentence starters on the portfolio page. Show what you are learning as a reader. Share your thinking about whatever you are currently reading. Add a link to the book online, or to some resources related to your book or it's author/illustrator.

Writing: Google Drive - Search your drive for your best writing. Insert it onto your portfolio.

Math: Use TenMarks, Khan Academy, or work from your drive to share your best mathematical thinking!

Science: You could use BrainPop, PHET, ScienceNetLinks, or ElectroCity to share some of your learning in science.

Social Studies: BrainPop - Screencast the beginning and ending of a game, or screenshot your quiz results after a quiz. Create a tour with Google TourBuilder. Look at the previous post for some tips! Here are some TourBuilder examples and tips.

Art: SketchPad - But if you've made a slideshow presentation in art, that should definitely be on your portfolio! Any piece of your own, handmade, analog art would be a great image to add to your portfolio! There are some other options nobody has tried on the Symbaloo page.

Music: SoundTrap for the win! But here are some fun Chrome Experiments to check out.

PE: Don't worry about this one - yet. We are working on getting your health tracker data.

Technology: Google Presentations, Coding, Typing, and TinkerCad will fill in all of the Tech pages for you...

And More: Again - don't worry about this one. You can add whatever you like, but it won't be held against you if it is still blank.

I really can't wait to go through your portfolios and see all of your great work!

~Mr. Moore

PS - I made my own virtual field trip. Check out this video! #sharingmyownlearning

And if you really, really read to the bottom, and you want to learn to build your own games, maybe you'd like to check out this new tool called Gamestar Mechanic.  Here's the Sign Up Video I made of myself when I signed up... Your sign-up experience might be a bit different, because of the special link to sign up with our school. If you make a great screencast of yourself doing the sign-up process correctly, I'll add it to our YouTube Channel.

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