Friday, February 5, 2016

Unlock the 3D Pen!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you'd like to unlock the 3D Pen, you need to give a live presentation. You can use Slides, PowToon, or some other presentation tool, but you must give a live presentation to unlock the 3DPen for yourself! Your presentation can be on any topic. Just make sure you have something important to share, and that you use images that are legal.

Do you wish you had better looking (and just better in general) presentations? You might enjoy checking out "Death by PowerPoint." PowerPoint is the name of a slideshow creation tool, similar to Google Presentations.

If you do an incredible job of convincing me, you might escape the live presentation requirement by creating a screencast instead...

What could you do with the power of the 3D Pen? What could you create? Here's some inspiration. 

Can't wait to see your presentation! 

~Mr. Moore

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