Monday, February 29, 2016

Some Ideas...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The portfolios are beginning to look much better!

Here's why:

1. Most of you have shared the individual Google Drive files and the portfolio site itself as "Public on the Web" and "View Only." Share Settings | Drive Share Settings

2. Many of you have added to your bio and have an example of your best work on the front page. Check out the shout-outs on the Student Portfolio Page to see some great examples!

3. Your Technology and Art pages have some nice images. I should be seeing more art Google Presentations, right? If you see an example of one of these, please shout it out on the Student Portfolios page!

Here are some recommendations:

1. Add a screencast. It could be any content area, it could be a game, it could be a presentation - you have so many great things you could choose to screencast. Just make sure you don't say your last name or include the video of your face. I know it feels strange to record your voice, but it makes your portfolio so much more powerful! Screencastify Help 1 | Screencastify Help 2Use SnagIt to Screencast | Make a Portfolio Tour | Gaming Video

2. Make sure that you are using the "Portfolio Sentence Starter" charts here in the lab to write about the things on your portfolio.

3. Add links! Add links to the directions you followed, or to a helpful video, or to the tool that you used. When people see your great work, they'll want to try something similar, and you can really be helpful! You can even turn your images into links! I'll do a quick live demo of this in class. Share Your Portfolio Link with Gmail

...and for those of you that made all the way to the end, here's a pro tip: 

Avoid your audience seeing this:

By changing your share settings in one of these two places:

~Mr. Moore

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