Friday, February 26, 2016

Portfolio Day!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Now that we've started trying to make sure everything is shared correctly, let's start helping each other with making sure the portfolios are really starting to look great.

Here are your choices for Portfolio Day. Obviously, they are all related to portfolios.

1. Write on each portfolio page. Explain your work, what you're learning, your goals, and your next steps. Use the sentence starters on the wall.

2. Work on your portfolio by adding items from your Google Drive. Make sure you write about them to explain your learning and thinking.

3. Ask Mr. Moore to display your portfolio so you can see how it looks to the world.

4. Share a portfolio page with an important teacher and ask them to comment on your guestbook.

5. Take a look at some other portfolios and then comment respectfully in their guestbook. If you find something really great, give them a shout out on the Student Portfolios Page!

6. If you've got some really great work on your portfolio, shout out yourself!

~ Mr. Moore

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