Monday, February 22, 2016

Make a Gaming Video for your Portfolio!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here's a cool idea:

1. Go to BrainPop. Sign in.

2. You might choose to play a game that is aligned to a social studies standard for your grade level, like I do in the video, or you might just choose a game about whatever you'd like to learn! If you want to see all the games, check out

3. Screencast the end of the game to demonstrate what you learned. Explain what you had to do to reach this level of success in the game using your voice and the computer screen. Remember not to include video of your face, because you'll be posting this on your portfolio. Not sure how to screencast? I bet there's a video for that! (Here's one! and here's another!)

4. Add this tutorial/gaming video to your portfolio! If you use Screencastify or TechSmith SnagIt, you'll find the video in your Google Drive. Then you can insert it just like any other Google Drive file.

I'll try making an example and adding the video below. Maybe I can pause the recording as I go to give you some examples from each part of the process, without having to make the video super long...

Here we go.

I can't wait to see your screencast about what you've learned today!

~ Mr. Moore

PS - This great work needs to be seen by others. Did you notice that we had visitors from South America over the weekend? Make sure your portfolio is listed and shared correctly! Make sure that each item on your portfolio (screenshots, docs, presentations, videos, etc.) are shared correctly! If you need help, there are some great videos to help!

PPS - Update: this morning, I noticed that we had a visitor from Indonesia!

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