Tuesday, January 19, 2016

You're Doing Great...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here are the directions for this week. Just go down the list until you get to the first thing that you do not have complete, and get to work!

1. Digital Passport If you're still playing the games, ask some questions and get some help!

2. Video Help for making and posting your badge.

3. Watch this video to get an idea of how to get in to PowToon. We use the Chrome App, but you MUST click save if you want to save your work!

4. Watch all of the PowToon tutorials Don't miss the three "yellow area" tutorials. Once you've watched them all, it's time to make your own. Make sure not to use "Pro" or Business" content. It won't publish to your website! You can tell the Pro and Business content, because it has the blue or purple stripe on it. When you add those elements to your PowToon, you'll see that they have a lock on them. That's no good. Don't use those!

5. When it comes to recording your voice, use my video to learn how to use TwistedWave. It makes voice over easy and works with Google Drive.

6. Get the PowToon on your portfolio. (Video Help)

7. Make sure your portfolio has a Guest Book 

Once your PowToon (with your voice!) introducing your great work and Guest Book are on the front page of your Portfolio, show Mr. Moore. If you're one of the first ten 3rd-5th grade students to finish, we will tweet about your portfolio, and add the link to your work right here...

Top Ten Finishers:
(To be added when students complete this entire post! Check back soon!)

~Mr. Moore

PS - Here's an example. Make yours way better!

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