Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Welcome Back! Happy 2016!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome Back! I missed you all and I'm glad we're back to work! In this post I'll remind you all about what needs to happen in class.

First of all, please remember that you cannot move on to any project until you have completed your digital passport and posted a screenshot of your badges on your portfolio. (Post with video how-to)

Once you've got that finished up, I think you'll really enjoy checking out a tool called PowToon. It's a tool that will allow you to make a great intro slide deck/video for your portfolio. It's sort of like making a slideshow mixed with an animation mixed with a movie.

Once you've got the Digital Passport Badges posted on your portfolio, use the Chrome App called Powtoon. If you're here at McGlone on a chromebook, it's already installed on your account.

Important! Please read carefully! I'm adding a page called Student Portfolios. It contains a Google Sheet with links to all of your portfolios. This means that people can begin checking out your portfolios.

If you haven't created a guest book for your portfolio, I'd definitely advise getting to work on that. Here's my portfolio with an example guestbook. The guest book allows visitors to comment and let me know what they like or don't like about my portfolio. This way, I can make improvements.

Glad you're back! Let's get to work!

Start with the Digital Passport or have your portfolio showing on your screen so I can see your badge if you're ready to move on to your guest book or Powtoon...

~ Mr. Moore

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