Monday, January 25, 2016

Moving On...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we are moving on with life. If your Digital Passport isn't done, you will be ineligible for any future badges.

In the very near future, the badging system will be unleashed. It will allow you to select your own activities each day, and work at your own pace. But you will only be able to earn badges and rewards if your Digital Passport is complete.

Now... Here are your choices for today.

1. Digital Passport. Get it done. You're going to want to be earning badges soon, I promise.

2. Typing. If you're going to spend time on this, spend time doing it correctly. Make sure to add a screenshot of your greatest typing accomplishment to your portfolio!

3. Coding. You have all sorts of great coding choices available, but remember, sign in with Google if you can! Get credit for your work! Make sure to add a screenshot of your greatest coding accomplishment to your portfolio!

4. 3D Imaging. You have all sorts of great tools for this. Most of us liked Tinkercad the best. You'll have to remember the secret to sign in with Google, or find the video that shows it.

5. Your Portfolio! You can spend some time adding your best work to your portfolio. Just as an example, I know you have some great math work you could be adding. If you're really into getting that PowToon on your portfolio, we will tweet out the first 10 students with a PowToon that includes audio and a Guestbook!

Push your thinking, Lobos!

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