Thursday, January 28, 2016

Inside McGlone Elementary: An Article to Read...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please find a minute to read this article about our school. I wonder what you think about the article. Please add your comments here on the blog post... Make sure to do your best writing. Include capital letters, ending punctuation, and great thinking. Share your best ideas and ask respectful questions. Your comment will be visible to the world, right here on the blog, as soon as Mr. Moore approves it.

There are a few students who already have a Blogger account set up. If you need an account to comment, read carefully! Your entire account could be locked by Google. We will not be able to unlock your account.

I have a video posted on the Video page showing you how to get your own Blogger account set up correctly.

It's also right here for your convenience.

~ Mr. Moore

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