Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Typing. Coding, and Your Portfolio

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For this week, while you are in the large classroom groups, you have choices. You can choose how to spend your time, as long as you are using your time wisely. Your choices are:

If you chose to spend time typing, please make sure that you use the home row correctly. There is no sense in practicing your typing incorrectly.  Make sure to log in with Google.

If you choose to spend your time on coding, you may choose from the correct lesson in Course 2 or the Star Wars coding activity. If you complete the star wars coding activity, you end up with an actual game. Again, make sure to login with Google so your progress is tracked.

You can share the link to your game here on the blog as a comment, or on your portfolio site.  If you are asked to make a Blogger account, STOP and ask for help from Mr. Moore.

To sign in to TinkerCad, follow this quick video.


I can't wait to see your accomplishments Lobos!

~Mr. Moore

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