Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Show and Tell

Ladies and Gentlemen,

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This week, your job is located here on the blog. This is a job for every student, 3-5th grade. We have a short week, so you've really got to stay focusedIn the last few weeks, you should have produced some great digital music and digital art. This work should already be saved and shared correctly in your Google Drive. Today your job is to get the art and music from your drive onto your Google site portfolio.

Make sure to get your art posted to the Art Page. Write a little bit about your work. Explain about your favorite tool, and share some of your thinking about making art in technology class.

Make sure to get your music posted to the Music page. Explain a bit about your work and why you chose the tool you did.

When you've added both jobs, and some writing about each one, share your link here on the blog in a comment. You  can copy and paste the link to your Home Page in your comment. Remember - there's a chart on the wall with keyboard shortcuts.

When you go to comment, I can help you make sure you login correctly. Many of you will need to set up a Blogger account. DO NOT do this without Mr. Moore.

If your comment is published here on the blog, that means you have completed the job.

To find your Google Portfolio site, use this link. sites.google.com You should see your list of Google sites. If you have more than one site listed there, I'll show you how to get rid of the extra sites. You should just have your portfolio for now.

If I haven't shared a portfolio site with you yet, you can use this link to get one, but you'll need to follow some directions from Mr. Moore to get it set up.

Once the job is completed, and your comment is published by Mr. Moore, you may spend some time with typing, coding, or 3d modeling.

I would like you to try a new tool and compare/contrast it with 3DTin. It's called Tinkercad. You can sign in with Google, but you'll need some help finding the button to do so. Once your comment is published here on the blog, let me know and I'll help you get on Tinkercad. There's a link in the link list.

Stay Focused, Lobos!

~Mr. Moore


  1. Here is my link. Copy and paste it to your browser to see my portfolio. https://sites.google.com/a/mcglonetech.org/deleteme/home

  2. Here is my link. Copy and paste it.https://sites.google.com/a/mcglonetech.org/elian-portfolio/home