Tuesday, November 17, 2015

One More New Tool...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Most students are choosing to work on coding right now, which is great because code.org has so many great new games. Your objectives right now are:
  • Work on the Star Wars game. Your goal is to finish ALL 15 puzzles so that you get a link to post your game to your Portfolio Website page. 
  • Choose the more challenging Mine Craft game. Same goal - get the code and get it on your portfolio page under coding. 
  • Work on Course 2. This is where your points are tracked, so make sure you're signed in. 
Other students are working on using the home row and typing. Remember to sign in with Google before you get to work. Use the home row correctly or make a different choice. There's no sense in practicing incorrectly.  Here's the site you need

Finally, anything we have done in the past that you can add to your portfolio is an option. This means that you can use Sound Trap or Sketch Pad to complete your art and music projects if you don't already have this work shared on your portfolio. Find the directions for those assignments in Google Classroom. The links for the tools are also now on the blog under Lobos Lab Links to the right. 

PS - If you've got a great slideshow ready to go, I have a special tool to share with you. Just talk to me in class and show me an amazing slide show. Then I'll show you a super cool new tool. :)

Get to work, Lobos!

~Mr. Moore

Oh - I almost forgot... The new tool. If you're brave enough, and you've actually read carefully this far, I'd love to have some Beta testers for a tool called Scratch. Talk to me in class, and I'll help you out. There is a sign up process - we can't sign up with Google. So I'll help you with that. You can find Scratch here: https://scratch.mit.edu/

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