Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Getting Serious about the 3D Printer...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This post is for anyone who is EXTREMELY interested in 3D printing. If you are, read on. All the way to the end of this post. Do not ask questions until you have read the entire post carefully more than once.

Please. Read. Carefully.

We need to create a system for the use of the 3D Printer. It takes a long time to get a print working correctly, and so the line is going to get long quickly. Here's our first try at a system to manage this...

Step 1 - Qualify to print: In order to qualify, you must create an original design using a 3D image creation tool such as 3dtin or Tinkercad. The file must be shared with Mr. Moore. It must be an .stl file. Make sure to remove your last name from any work and your profile. You can also share your Tinkercad nickname with Mr. Moore and we can share your work that way.

Step 2 - Revision: Schedule a meeting with Mr. Moore to discuss revisions to your project. Clarify a specific audience and purpose for your work. Make the necessary revisions to your .stl file.

Step 3 - Prepare to pitch: In the real world, you have to convince your administrators, funders, board, or boss that you have a great idea. One that is important and worthy of their valuable time. The "pitch" is your quick description of what your product is, why it is important, and how it is unique. You will have to pitch (present) your idea to Mr. Moore.

Step 4 - Pitch: You must convince Mr. Moore of why your project should be printed. We will not print anything unless you have a great reason. "Because it's cool" isn't going to work. Also, it must be your work. We will not be printing your work unless it is your original work.

Step 5 - Get in line: If your project is approved, you will be added to the line of students who want their work printed.

Step 6 - Wait. Once your project is approved, you will need to be patient. Once it is your turn to print, Mr. Moore will notify you in person. We will work together to create your print.

Work hard. I can't wait to see what you create. You may work on this assignment at any time, regardless of the directions I give the class - although I will not mention it in class once. Thank you for reading carefully. If you have questions about this assignment, please do not ask them aloud in class. Just post your questions as comments here on the blog. If you need help with that, just ask me. Please do not ever create a Blogger account without my help. You can destroy your Google account if you do this incorrectly. There is a video tutorial on the videos page to help with this... 

~ Mr. Moore

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