Monday, November 30, 2015

4th Grade Apprentice Wanted Ad

4th Grade Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, you'll have a chance to work on a project from outside of the lab. This is a great chance to really show everyone what you're capable of.

You'll need to be able to create an "Apprentice Wanted Ad" using these directions:

The Ad will be published on your Google Slide Show, as well as possibly on your digital portfolio - I hope! Additionally, the teachers would like to print your work for display on a bulletin board.  So it seems that we need a tool that plays nicely with Google Slides, but also allows us to print on a regular size piece of paper.

We can change the size of a Google Slide to match the size of the paper we use to print. Then, create your Apprentice Wanted Ad. Since it is a slide, you can add a link to your work, print your work, and include it in a Google Portfolio Site easily.

Some great fonts to use for this project are:
Fredericka The Great
IM Fell Great Primer SC
Libre Baskerville
Special Elite

Here is a bit of help resizing your Google Slide


I can't wait to see what you create, Lobos!

~ Mr. Moore

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