Friday, September 11, 2015

3rd Grade Sign Winners!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here are some final statistics on the 3rd Grade Table Sign Contest:
  • 122 Third grade students had the opportunity for success on this project. 
  • 46 Third grade students got their slide published on the blog. They had to turn it in on time with the correct title. They also had to keep all of their work on the slide, and follow the other directions from the blog post. Their work was subject to comments from the entire third grade. 
  • 16 Third grade students were able to follow the expectations and get their comment (vote!) approved by Mr. Moore. Their comments had to include their name, one specific and positive comment and one question designed to help the artist improve their work. They had to write a minimum of two complete and correct sentences. If I could read the comment fairly easily, I didn't resolve comments for incorrect spelling. 
  • 4 Third grade students ended up with 2 comments (votes). Two was the highest number of comments. This means that the four students with two comments each are tied for first place. 

Now we will vote for a tie-breaker! 

...And yes, all four of those students have unlocked the 3D Printing Pen. Here are some great ideas for your Bonus Project!

Once you're done voting, head over to and spend some time working on an idea for 3D Printing.

Additional Choice: If you have your own Google account, I can get you all set up to work on If you'd like to play the games as a guest (no points in the gradebook or tracking your success) you can just click on this link and then Mr. Moore or a teammate can help you get started if you have questions. If we've already set you up on, simply go there, sign in, and click continue to keep moving forward with your course. Some kids are really doing amazing work!

Push your thinking, Lobos!

~ Mr. Moore

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