Monday, September 21, 2015

3rd Grade Personal Google Accounts...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Third Grade,

Number one: If you haven't voted in the tie-breaker, please do that first.  We really need some table signs!

Next up - Google Accounts: Many of you can already sign into your own Google account - not 299student - but your very own personal (with your own name) Google account. If that's you, and you are already signed in to that account, please make a free choice from the Lobos Lab Links on the right until you get directions to meet the class at Google Classroom.

For everyone else, we're going to do our best to help you get into your new Google account. Please do not work ahead of Mr. Moore on this job. Here'e the information you'll need.

1. Your account username should be set up this way:
  • Your first initial, then your last name followed by (no spaces)
2. If you have more than one last name, you'll hyphenate them. ex:

3. Mr. Moore will let you know your first password in class. You'll change it immediately, and you'll want to read carefully for some good advice on that below. 

4. If this is your first time getting into your account, you will have to accept the terms by clicking "accept."

5. You'll have to change your password. DO NOT FORGET YOUR NEW PASSWORD. Nobody can help you if you do not remember this information. I'll share my recommendation for your new password in class. 
Once you are signed in to your own account, please make a choice from the Lobos Lab Links to the right until you hear the direction to meet the class at Google Classroom. 

~Mr. Moore

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