Thursday, August 20, 2015

Third Grade Contest!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

So many of you have been doing a great job of creating your task team sign template. I can't wait to get some of them leveled up to the next round of revision...

We'll talk more in class, but here are the basic requirements for the contest so far...

1. The sign must have a number. The whole reason for the sign is to quickly identify a team of students.

2. If your idea is selected as one of the possible concepts, it will be added to a slideshow using the URL option, that way it will update automatically as your drawing is updated. Once we have representation from each color group, we will use the slideshow to pick some favorites to level up into the next round of revision.

Here's the slideshow... As we add student work to the slideshow, it will show up here on the blog!


 ~ Mr. Moore

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