Tuesday, August 25, 2015

All Grades Alert!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I've been watching you all work on your projects - signs, badge templates, and logos, and there really is some very creative work happening. But there are also some learners who are ready to move forward with a different project.

Think just for your own self for a moment. Try not to worry about your friends and what they will think. Would you really like to keep working on your current Google Drawing project? If so, you'll be able to. Don't worry. You can read the rest of this post and then decide your next step. If you choose to stick with the Drawings project, you'll have the rest of this week to get your draft onto the slideshow.

However, if you're ready to start working on something new, here it is...

I noticed that many of you mentioned working with Google Slides/Presentations. Let's see what you can really do. Slides are great, but the reason for slides is to compliment and support the message of a presenter.

Do you have something important to say? If so, slides will help. If you have nothing to say, slides are useless. So in order to complete this job, you'll need to create and present a slide deck.


You have almost total freedom on this job. There are only a few very simple requirements, which are listed here on the blog. If you complete the slideshow requirement, you will be awarded with a badge to display on your project, and eventually on your own website or blog. I'll add an example of the badge once it's ready...

Your presentation can be video recorded if you choose. This will allow you the option of creating a Challenge Project. Challenge Projects will allow you to earn special/rare badges, and they will also unlock supplies for your use. The creation of the challenge project for this job will unlock the 3D Printing Pen for your use on any future project.

School Appropriate

Your message must be school-appropriate and approved by Mr. Moore. I'm pretty open on ideas. Try me before you assume I'll say "no." You must first write (at the very least) a one paragraph explanation of your message as a comment on this post so that I can approve your idea. You'll know your idea is approved when I publish your comment. At that point, you can begin drafting your slides.

(*Hint*) I'd recommend using a Google Doc to write the paragraph and then using the copy/paste function to add your comment here on the blog. Name your document carefully so that you can find it again. I'd name mine "Slides Idea Draft Chris Moore"

Legal Images

Any image you add to your slide deck must either be copyright free, labeled for reuse, and cited with a correct working link  - or an original work of your own creation.  The first option sounds like a challenging requirement, but Google Slides makes it very easy. I'll show you in class, and maybe we can post a video here to show that as well.


You must present your slideshow to the class. I will provide a simple rubric for your presentation. Your presentation can be video recorded if you choose. This will allow you the option of creating a Challenge Project.

Challenge Project Requirements

1. Use any tool to combine your video footage and slides into one project. Example ideas include, but are not limited to the following:

Get Started!

In order to get started, you'll open a Google Doc, and draft an idea. You might do an "all About Me" slideshow. Maybe you'll decide to teach the class about something you are great at, or something you know about. You can chose your own topic, as long as it is school appropriate. Write a one-paragraph explanation/summary of your idea. Make sure to title it so that you can find it again. 

Copy and paste your paragraph into the comments on this post. (I'll show you how in class.)

If your idea is approved, I'll post it. If not, I'll give you some feedback to help you get your idea approved, or find a new idea. 

Finally, you'll be able to get started drafting your presentation ideas and your slides. 

...And for those of you who want to keep working on your Google Drawings projects, you have until the end of this week. 

~ Mr. Moore


  1. Mr. Moore I would like to do the 5 nation slideshow. Its a group called haudenosaunee.They lived in New york very long ago. They were in war against each other. Now there are in peace. So can I do a slideshow about the 5 nations.

  2. I can’t wait to show the class all about me and speak about it. I will tell were I was born, where my father was born and why they came to United States, where I come from, and all about school. I’m going to said the names of my family and where some of my family live.

  3. I would love to teach the class about National Disasters. I will teach all about wildfires, tornado, tsunami, glaciers, hurricane, and much more. I know all sorts of National Disasters like avalanch, flood and much much more. Can you please let me do this presantation?

  4. I would love to teach the class all about me and my family and what we do on holidays. Also my friends in my school and what we play with each other. I would also like to tell the class about how I got to meet the Mayor of Denver and who gave me the honor of getting to see the mayor.

  5. I would love to teach the class about fashion. I would teach all about fashion dresses,fashion shoes, and fashion kid stuff.I would also like to teach the class about kids fashion and teen fashion. And teach of more stuff about fashion.

  6. Mr.Moore i would like to talk all about soccer and I really love soccer.I hope you guys like it.I played soccer since I was 6 years old and I will keep on playing it until I become a football professional.I think that soccer is best sport in the world but maybe I am wrong because some people love other sports.In soccer you cant use your hands onless you are the goalkeeper.My faverite soccer player is Lionel Messi.

  7. I can’t wait to show the class all about me and speak about it. I will tell were I was born, where my father was born and why they came to United States, where I come from, and all about school. I’m going to said the names of my family and where some of my family live.Mr.Moore I am going to write about my favorite animals and colors. Other thing is that I'm going to write about some places that I like to go.

  8. I want to present a football game.I can tell you about all the plays.If you want to play football.You need to know what you need step 1 need shoulder pads.Step 2 you will need knee pad.Step 3 the final step you need a helmet the helmet is very important. Football isn't about fun all the time football .Football you need to no the plays also you can get hurt if you don't do what you post to do.

  9. I will like to teach the class about the 3d printer because if they use it they will know how to turn it off and do all of does things .
    Also they could learn how to make things .Using a 3d printer is using a lot of intelligent .
    Also , if you use it you will need to be responsible of the things .A 3d printer can make things out of plastic .Also the 3d printer can get images from the computer and do it in the 3d printer .Using a 3d printer is a lot to learn .This is what a want to teach the class mostly about .

  10. I would like to teach the class about the 3d pen. Also,that pen can draw anything like despicable me. but not flat it draws it standing up. Also you can draw whatever you want and with that 3d pen you can draw things for your parent’s like flowers and anything that you want to do for them. Also,that 3d pen can make you be a drawer and it can make you Inspire people. Finally you can be a better drawer.That is why i would want to talk and teach my class about the 3d pen.

  11. I would like to teach the class about dogs.First,dogs can be big or small.Also most of the time dogs can be playful mostly when they're babies.Why I am saying that I am saying that because babies are more active than bigger dogs.Also dogs can bite.Most of the time dogs don’t want to bite but it is because your doing something let me give you an example:1 you blow in there ear,2 you take there food when they are enjoying it,3 you are playing with them when they are not in the mood.Also most dogs don’t like to take a bath so when you take them a bath be careful!!!.Overall,that’s what I want to teach the class and why.

  12. I would like to teach the class about space I know that important stuff I listen to the news about space things. I know that sicintens just discover a planet is almost identical to earth. I
    think that jupiter red spot can fit about 10,000 earths. I know that we can’t see a black hole
    we can tell that it is because it sacking light that how know. This important because some day
    the sun will explode then we can all die.

  13. My google side presentation is going to be about sketches. Here is why, sketches are a great way to express yourself . Also, sketches are a great way to get start drawing. Also, a sketch is a part that demonstrates who you are. Also, a sketch is a great way to start small and get big not as in growing but, as in starting your ideas small and get big. Also, a sketch is a great way to start a amazing painting. This is why i would like to make a presentation about sketches.

  14. I would like to teach the class about Tigers. I have been studying tigers sense 3rd they have been my favorite animal. Also I study them in science class I found out a lot about those species and they are really interesting and I want to share my own interest with the class. Tigers eat pigs, horses, goats, Moose, deer, and leopards. Also tigers are the largest felines in the world. However because hunting them is also a sign of bravery in some cultures tigers are endangered no more than 3,200 tigers our left in the wild. Also tigers te

  15. Fashion
    In my slideshow I would like to do one about fashion. Why I would like to do a Fashion slideshow is because I love fashion, I know a lot about Fashion. What fashion is a way to express yourself, to show your true passion, you can also tell a lot of stuff from someone by their cloths. Fashion is CLOTHES. There is a different type of fashion for each season. That is why I want to make a fashion slideshow.

  16. I would love to show you all about my family and me.My name is Nazareth salmeron esquivel I am going to talk about where I was bron in Arizona I have a sister a mom and a dad . My mom and dad are from Mexico my sister is from Denver.My famliy like to eat at places. We like to go to for walks in the park . What we love most of all is to have fun.

  17. Art
    I want to teach the class about art.I think art is great everyone uses art when you put your clothes on your using art,or drawing,or printing when you do all of those things your using art if you are dancing your doing art and one thing I will tell you about me is I love to dance.I want to present this for my slideshow.