Monday, April 16, 2018

Testing: Week 2

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Congrats! You made it through the first week (and a half!) of testing! Some of you are already finished! Let's have some fun!

This week's warm up: 

Thrively - Find out about your own strengths and passions! Today, we will spend the first part of class exploring the "Getting Started Playlist" or the "Strength Profile." Make sure that you capture and share some of your learning on your portfolio - Learner Profile Page!  Once your Passion Score is higher than 51, and your portfolio entry is done, move on to your choices! 

Pro Tip: Journal Entries score points. You'll need to reload your page to see them. 

When it's time to write on your portfolio, consider these ideas:

1. Today, while exploring the website Thrively, I learned that I am actually really interested in learning more about _____.

2. One thing I'm really passionate about is _____ because _____.

3. It is good/not so good to use Thrively in class because _____.

4. I wish my teacher knew that I _____.

Just in case you need it...

Our Class Invite Code is: 75XJ6FAT
New student password: e8lios

This week's top choices: 

3rd World Farmer - A fun farming game for your Social Studies page!

FogStone Isle - Great for your math page.

Games for Science - Obviously, perfect for your science page!

Book Creator - A wonderful choice that lets you create an amazing digital book for literacy, reading, or writing! You could make a book about whatever you like, and share it on your reading or writing page!

National Geographic Games - Awesome (and fun!) games to learn about and share on your Social Studies page...

Break In The Road - A super-cool music game that lets you sample and record your own beat from the streets!

There are some other new choices to be found on the choices page. Have you tried making a web site using Weebly yet?

Have a great day!

~ Mr. Moore

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Summer is Coming!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

1. We will work with a partner, using use the directions on the Portfolio Page to get just a couple things fixed.
     a. You may delete your Journal Page if it is blank. It is no longer required.
     b. We will make sure that your portfolio is listed and linked correctly on the Portfolio Page
     c. We will make sure all 15 required pages have been created.
     d. We will make sure that each page (with work already on it - ignore blank pages) has capital letters, ending punctuation, proof of learning that is shared correctly, and writing about what is being learned, practiced, or created.

2. Once you and your partner have shown Mr. Moore your improved portfolios, you can move on and make a choice. Lately, kids have been all about some new things - here they are!

FogStone Isle - Great Minecraft-style game for your math page!

Robot Challenge - For your Technology page - become an engineer in a robot factory!

WonderVille Games - All sorts of great games for your Science page!

BrainPop - Did you know you might choose to learn about hip-hop and rap? Or hackers?

Weebly - Tired of working on your Google Site? Consider a new website creation tool. Try this one out for fun!

Need help?


~ Mr. Moore

Monday, March 5, 2018

Almost Nothing but Games! (Spoiler Alert - You're Still Learning!)

20 Minute Warm Up
You will do a quick warm up, get proof on your portfolio, quickly add some voice typing about your learning, and then it'll be nothing but games for you!
     a. The timer starts once everyone is working.
     b. You will work on the same tool for the entire warm-up.
     c. Use only the links below. Make sure you sign in!

The warm up choices are: 

NoRedInk (code: major drawer 31) For your Writing page! (Sign in with Google) For your Technology Page

DuoLingo (Sign in with Google) For your Literacy Page

Memrise (Sign in with Google) This one depends on your choice... There are lots of things to learn here. Use the link for your grade level below.

Vocabulary There are some great word lists to work on here. I've got you set up for choices like basketball, Black Panther, and some others!

5 Minute Portfolio Time!

Add your proof, get writing about what you learned, add a link to the tool you used, and show what you know about capital letters and ending punctuation.

Now for the Games! 

This learning will also go onto your portfolio, which means that even though most of your time is pure fun, you'll end up with two entries on your portfolio!

CSI Games - You must "Register" first, then sign in! This site has Crime Scene Investigation games for your science page! Make an account with the first part of your email and computer password.

GameStar Mechanic - Click "Get Started" if you need to make an account. Click "Log In" if you already have an account! To make an account, use the first part of your email and computer password. This work goes on a Game Design page, or Technology. You must be working in the Quest!

GameFroot - Even though it looks like login with Google, make an account with the first part of your email and computer password! This work goes on a game design page, or technology. Here's a tutorial.

FlowLab - Make an account with the first part of your email and computer password. You must be creating games, not playing games others have created. This work goes on a game design page, or technology. Here's a tutorial.

Auditorium - A cool music/art game!

~Mr. Moore

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

New Choices...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Check out this video if you'd like to get lots of writing on your portfolio super-quick!
(Not working? Try the YouTube link instead.)

Here are some new choices! You can also find them on the Choices Page.

3D Design:
CoSpaces Edu: WOW!

Blockly Games - I recommend starting with "Puzzle."

EdHeads - Click "Games" --> "Free Games" --> Your Choice
Virtual Science Games - Make an account with your McGlone Tech email and computer password.

Social Studies:
Timeline Creator - How might you share your learning using a timeline?

SolveMe Puzzles - Use your math skills and raw brain power to solve these super-interesting puzzles.

Admongo Game - How are the advertisers tricking you into spending your hard-earned cash?

OneWord - Need ideas to write about?
InkleWriter - Write your own Choose Your Own Adventure Story!
RhymeZone - Like to Rap? Write lyrics that actually rhyme!

NoteFlight - A great way to write music...
Google Music Maker
NY Philharmonic Games
Jam Studio
A Break in the Road
Isle of Tune

Game Design:
FlowLab - Like Gamestar Mechanic? Try this one.
GameFroot - Another cool way to learn how to make games!

Art: - Similar to Canva, seems like more options, and I can't wait to see what you create!
Escape Motions - Like WeaveSilk? You'll love this! Choose a tool, then choose "free." Check out how I used this tool, a gif creator (on the choices page) and my portfolio to change my header!

~ Mr. Moore

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Report Cards are Coming...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It's report card time again. I'll begin putting in report card grades this weekend, and I have to finish in the next week. This means you might have 2 classes to make sure you're ready.

Work with a partner. Both kids should be looking at one portfolio together. When you finish the first one, both partners look at the second portfolio. When you are finished, each of the 15 pages listed below should be complete and ready for grading. 

Step 1. Make sure the portfolio is listed correctly on the Portfolio Page. If it isn't, talk to Mr. Moore immediately.

Step 2. Make sure that each piece of work on the portfolio is shared correctly. (Click: Share, Advanced,  Public on the Web, Save, Done)

Step 3. Make sure there is work, evidence, writing, and thinking on each page! Use the charts in The Lab for help with the writing!

Pro tip #1: Go into your Google Drive and search through your "Classroom" folders to find your best work! Insert your work onto the correct portfolio page. If you can't share a file, just click: File, Make a Copy, and then insert the new copy onto your portfolio.

Pro tip #2: Go into your Google Drive and find your "Screencastify" folder. Share the entire folder as "Public on the Web." This will make sure that your screencasts are all shared correctly - even the screencasts you make in the future!

Pro tip #3: Use Voice to Text in Google Docs to add lots of writing to your portfolio quickly! Need help? Click Here!

Below are the pages I'll be looking for (with suggestions for what you might put on the page!)

LiteracyDuoLingo - Show us how you are improving your literacy in a second language! Earn some badges while you're at it! Or, choose anything from the blue section of the choices page!

Reading: Use Google Drawings to make a Booksnap, or choose a reading tool from the blue section on the choices page - maybe ReadTheory or Flocabulary?

WritingCheck Pro tip #1 above, or make some progress using NoRedInk to improve your writing skills. 

Math: Use TenMarksKhan Academy, or work from your drive to share your best mathematical thinking! Make the screencast of Prodigy Math and earn another badge!

Science: You could use BrainPopPHETScienceNetLinks, or ElectroCity to share some of your learning in science. Or you could use your portfolio to share your own science fair experiment! If you need some ideas, check Wonderville!

Social StudiesBrainPop - Screencast Maps or Google Earth and share what you learned about on BrainPop! Screenshot your quiz results after a quiz. Create a tour with Google TourBuilder. Here are some TourBuilder examples and tips

Art: Google Drawings... or any other choice from the yellow section of the Symbaloo page. Have you tried Canva lately? If you're going to use WeaveSilk, maybe try making a screencast that really stands out - I see so many of those images, they start to get kind of boring... Do something amazing!

MusicSoundTrap for the win! I opened the entire SoundTrap YouTube Channel! I can't wait to see your Pink Panther Cartoon Composing Projects from music

PE: Write about what you are learning in PE, and share your heart rate tracker data!

TechnologyGoogle Presentations from your other classesCoding and choices like Fantastic Contraption or Robot Challenge are great ideas.

Badges: Your working badge sheet should be here. Make sure to check for new badges!

Learner Profile: This page should have your Thrively report, and also work from Learner Sketch. There are lots of great things for you to try out with both of those sites...

Maker Page: This is a page for things you build, create, or make that are not digital. Think about Legos, cardboard, etc. Need some ideas? Check out Instructables, Design Squad, or dream up a project of your own creation!

3D Design: Consider adding your work from Tinkercad or VoxelBuilder. If you're really feeling brave, try SketchUp!

Journal: This page can still be blank for now... 
However, bonus points for kids who actually start a learning journal without it being required! Use it as a place to set some goals for yourself and keep track of your progress!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Post About Food...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wonder if you know about the "food" you're putting in your body. I know you have (hopefully) learned about eating healthy foods - if not, start here.

...But I am pretty sure that if you knew just a bit about some of the things you choose to eat, you might consider changing your mind.

Hot Cheetos - Here's a quick Google Search for "Hot Cheetos Health Issues." Then, check out this video. Would you like to eat some cardboard and acetone?

Takis - Here's a quick Google Search for "Takis Health Issues."

Hot Dogs - Have you ever wondered how they're made?

Once you've done some food research, make sure your Social Studies page is complete before making your choice.

~ Mr. Moore

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The State of the Union

Ladies and Gentlemen,

President Trump has given his State of the Union Address. You can read more about it here. 

If you'd like to learn more about this speech and it's history, you might want to check out the resources from Mr. Larry Ferlazzo. Most of the resources on his page are from years past, so they include lots of information about President Obama's speeches.

Today, before you make a choice, you'll need to make sure that the Social Studies page on your portfolio has at least one complete entry, with proof, writing, and links.

For your Social Studies page, you may use anything from the green section on the choices page. I'd recommend the BrainPop Social Studies page, or iCivics games. Need an iCivics tutorial? Click here.

You could also try the Nobel Peace Prize games, or Tourbuilder...

What will you learn today?

~ Mr. Moore

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

SoundTrap and App Smashing!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you're on track right now, here's what you have finished and shared correctly on your portfolio:

1. A screencast from the coding activities, and a flipgrid to go with it.

2. A screencast reviewing an Android App, and a flipgrid to go with it.

3. Updated portfolio pages including: Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and 3D Design.

If you've got those things finished, most kids have been working on one of the following ideas:

Social Studies: Getting this page started is easy. Check out BrainPop Social Studies or any of the iCivics games for a fun start! Here's a tutorial for the game called "Win The White House." Here's a link to all of the iCivics games. 

3D Design: 3D Printing blew up in The Lab last week. We've been working on an entire 3D Printing page here on the blog!

Need some motivation? Watch this.

...And, as always, Music is a big hit. Lately, kids have been using the SoundTrap Android App. If you haven't done your App Screencast, you could use SoundTrap! They've discovered video collaboration, custom loop sharing, and App Smashing. Can you figure out how to use something you create with another Android App in SoundTrap? The best one I've found so far is Remixitlive. Find it in the Play Store, and learn more here.

Need some motivation? Watch this.


Make sure that your work gets shared correctly on your portfolio!

~ Mr. Moore

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Welcome Back! Happy New Year!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome back! I hope you had plenty of time to relax over break with friends and family.

This week, we're going to start back nice and easy.

So far, there are two required assignments for your report cards - the coding screencast, and the Android App screencast. We won't add any new assignments this week.

You also have some new required pages (15!) for your portfolio. Read this post carefully!

Today, get your new pages made, and make sure they each have some writing (at the very least, a short paragraph...)

PS - The line for getting something 3D Printed continues to grow! To get your thing printed, check out the new 3D Printing page here on the blog! Curious how you could do 3D Printing as your job? Check out this video!

~ Mr. Moore

Monday, December 18, 2017

To Do: Before Break

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here are the things you definitely want to finish before you go on break. This way, life in The Lab is nice and easy when you get back! #lablife

1. Respond to your coding buddy! They used the Visitor FlipGrid to say thanks for their time in The Lab, and you can find your buddy and respond directly to them. If you can't find your buddy, pick a kid you know, or a kid with no response, and let them know you had a great time working with them!

2. Make sure you have the coding screencast on your Portfolio with writing about what you learned and a link to the tool you worked with. Also, make sure your Coding FlipGrid is complete and posted.

3. Please have an Android App screencast on your Portfolio with writing and a link. Your screencast should be a review of the app. Let us know what is great about it, as well as anything you'd like to see improved. Make sure you add your ideas to the Android App FlipGrid, including any apps you'd like to be able to learn or create with that aren't in the McGlone App Store yet!

4. Share Settings: I keep finding so many things that aren't shared correctly on your Portfolios. Go through your Portfolio with a friend's account or the share station to check that things are published and shared correctly! 

5. If the first four items are complete, enjoy a choice! Consider one of the Android Apps for your choice! There are some great music and art creation apps you can choose, and I'm still looking for suggestions! Can you use a tool to make someone a holiday gift?

~ Mr. Moore

PS - Looking for some new games to play, or "experiments" to do over the break at home? Check here.