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Lately, I've been listening to some great podcasts. Of course the one that got me started was the podcast I heard at the Cliftomaniac Podcast Release Party, but then I also started listening to other podcasts in my car. It's been fun and I've learned tons!

Then I realized that maybe you would like some great podcasts to listen to. So, here you go.

Think about how you might respond to the learning when you listen to a podcast. How can you add that new learning to your portfolio? I'd just use a screencast tool (snag it, or screencastify) to create my own little podcast as a response. Then onto the portfolio it would go - so I'd have to remember not to include my face in the screencast! Need some help creating and embedding a screencast? How about the Videos Page?

I hope you learn lots and enjoy some of the podcasts I found. If you have other suggestions for school-appropriate podcasts, please add them in the comments.

Special Warning for Lobos Lab Students: 
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~ Mr. Moore

Some podcasts for your learning and enjoyment…      

Name & Link
Great for students who...
...enjoy science.
...enjoy stories.
...might want to make their own podcast.
...want to hear great short stories written by kids.
...are into astronomy.
...love music!
...want to see podcasting for kids by kids.
...enjoy cultures and traveling.
...want to hear more about kids in the digital world.
...enjoy mysteries.
...like learning how things work.
...enjoy big ideas, especially in technology, education, and design.
Voice of Montbello...Love McGlone and/or kids who think.
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