Monday, September 18, 2017

Imaginarium Survey

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The main reason we are able to enjoy this incredible lab is because a group from Denver Public Schools, called the Imaginarium, decided to give us the money to build it. Good news - they would like to continue working with us again this year!

The Imaginarium does all sorts of great things to support us, and they ask only that we complete a survey at the beginning and ending of each year.

Please stay focused, be honest, and let an adult know if you need any help at all. We will begin together, so please do not work ahead. Take your time. Do not rush. You will have plenty of time for your work after the survey is complete.

Quick reminder - the questions are about your experience at McGlone, not just here in The Lab.

~ Mr. Moore

Below are the links you'll need. Please read carefully and make the appropriate choice.

English Survey

Spanish Survey

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome back!

To start off the year, we will spend some time making sure that your accounts are all set up, and that you're ready to start the Cardboard Challenge!

Please make sure that the accounts listed on our board in The Lab are all set up and ready to go! I'll help in class, and together, we will make sure that each kid is ready for a great year.

I can't wait to see what we make together this year!

~ Mr. Moore

Monday, May 22, 2017

5th Grade Monday... :)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we will be combined with music. We will also host visitors from Texas! The directions are on the whiteboard, but here they are just in case you can't see them up front.

Here are some helpful links...

Portfolios Page

Music Page

Slideshow Directions Post

Soundtrack Folder: To turn in your soundtrack ideas for the slideshow, open the folder, choose "New" and then "File Upload" to add your piece of music. The music must be turned in as an .mp3 file, which means you'll save it in SoundTrap, download it to your Google Drive, and then upload that file into the folder linked above. Name them just like the slide. ex: Chris Moore Soundtrack Idea

Friday, May 19, 2017

Just for fun...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Are you wondering wondering what you could do with wevideo while also making something amazing?

Check this out.

Then check out the behind the scenes information.

When you have an idea for your own project write up a plan. Share the written plan with an adult and let's see what we can make!

~Mr. Moore and Ms. Raleigh

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

5th Grade Slide Show 2016-2017

5th Grade Students,

Please help create the slideshow for the 5th Grade Continuation Ceremony. Your job is to create one single slide.

1. Please open this folder.
Then, click "New" -->click "Google Slides" --> click "OK"

2. Name the slide: first name, last name, and the words "continuation slide."
ex: Chris Moore Continuation Slide

3. To use images from our folder, click With photos, remember to grab the corners to change the size. :)

4. Consider using Canva (or any other tool or creative artistic method!) to customize the images.

5. Have you ever tried It's a great way to do some amazing things with word art. It's also a great way to spice up your portfolio! (hint, hint!)

Thanks! I can't wait to see what you create!

~ Mr. Moore

Special Job! Core Value Icons


A draft list of McGlone Core Value words have been chosen based on the votes from parents, teachers, and YOU. Now it is time to create a visual that goes with each word.

These images will be in classrooms and around our school to help all McGlone Learners remember to be their best self (teachers, kids ECE-7th grade, parents, visitors).

McGlone DRAFT Core Values:

Honesty   Wonder   Leadership   Empathy   Respect   Perseverance 

1. Use any tool to create a logo / emblem / icon for each word. (Use to research it!)

2. Save it as a .png and name it with graduation year - your username - and the word. Example: 2027 jraleigh Honesty

3. Add it to this folder and make sure it is shared correctly - "Anyone with the link can view"

You might like the following tools:


Google Drawings


Handmade drawing (take a photo and share it in the folder)

The Noun Project



Happy Creating!

-Ms. Raleigh, Mr. Moore, Mr. Sharpe

Monday, May 15, 2017

Imaginarium Survey...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our class has been working with the Imaginarium to try to make school better for kids. The Imaginarium would like to know what you think about school and about how you do your work. The survey you are going to take will help them to understand better what school is like for you.

Please answer the questions honestly. The Imaginarium won’t share your answers with anyone.

If you don’t understand a question, you should not try to answer it but just leave it blank.

If you can’t read a word, please raise your hand and I will read it to you.

Please read carefully and click the correct link.

3rd Grade English

3rd Grade Spanish

4th-6th Grade English

4th-6th Grade Spanish

~Mr. Moore

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please complete the following survey in class with your teacher. It's not long at all. :)

Click here to begin or just type into your address bar.

Thanks for sharing your honest opinion.

~ Mr. Moore, Ms. Raleigh, Mr. Whitfield, and the McGlone Culture Team

Game Day!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I know many of you have been working hard on your Tinkercad designs, and you are more than welcome to continue working on those. You are also welcome to continue your work with WeVideo.

However, I think that some of you are ready for something else. For the rest of this week, here are your directions.

5th Grade:  Make sure you have a completed Tinkercad or WeVideo project on your portfolio. Next, start designing the slide you want to create for the 5th grade continuation.  Each student will be allowed to contribute a slide to the show. Finally, make a choice from the section of the choices you see in the picture below.

4th Grade: Make sure you have a completed Tinkercad or WeVideo project on your portfolio. Make a choice from the section of the choices you see in the picture below.

3rd Grade: Make sure you have a completed Tinkercad or WeVideo project on your portfolio. Make a choice from the section of the choices you see in the picture below.

Monday, May 1, 2017

WeVideo | SoundTrap | Google Slides: App Smash!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, you get to attempt the WeVideo AppSmash Challenge! 

As you can see, the directions ask you to create a video. As always, this video will need to be shared on your portfolio, with your written reflection and links to the tools you used.

The requirements on the list are minimum requirements.

Definite bonus points for anyone who smashes additional apps into the project. Canva, Google Drawings, Explain Everything (Mad bonus points for that one!) and any of the art choices or music choices could be great fits for this project. Here's a bit of help for you...

1. Save a Google Slide as a .png image you can use for any project that requires great custom images. (File --> Download As --> .PNG) Name it so you know what it is, and make sure it's shared correctly in Drive so others can see it!

2. Save SoundTrap files as .mp3s. (Click Save. Once it is saved, click download. An .mp3 will be downloaded to your drive, which is perfect for uploading into WeVideo.)

3. Learn how to import images and other media into WeVideo.
(Click Green Cloud with the upload arrow --> Click Google Drive icon, choose your media.)

~ Mr. Moore